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My first post , just scroll back a bit, was about my dinner date with culinary genius and legend Alain Ducasse , who in his career to date has amassed an amazing 21 Michelin Stars.

Well it looks like I have spoken too soon , he is leaving the Plaza Athenee after more than 20 years, and the rumour in the kitchens of Paris is that it was not his choice.

Hotels that play hosts to three star Michelin restaurants face enormous costs and it may just be that the Dorchester Collection the hotels owners are simply trying to scale those costs back.

The Dorchester Collection are quick to point out the Ducasse will still collaborate on his two other restaurants, Le Meurice in Paris and The Dorchester in London.

During the pandemic, Ducasse has bought his cuisine to the people of Paris by offering takeaway dishes at 22 euros.

The Dorchester have given no official reason but the rumours suggest the gourmets of Paris have grown a tad tired of eating just fish, vegetables and the odd packet of Trill.

One thought on “Breaking News

  1. The curse of Michelin…
    By the way, I have my own claim to fame, Peter, regarding Trill. I was the only Masterchef competitor ever (or at least so far) to take along a box of Trill as my special ingredient. Loyd Grossman was very perplexed, till I explained it was to make treats for the birds out of pastry scraps.


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