The (new) Pink Shoes are back

I must start with an apology; my last post was back in at the end of July and since then my feet and the Pink Shoes have hardly touched the ground.

Amongst the many adventures we have enjoyed are, partying in Spain, almost drowning in Switzerland, wandering around Sicily, flying down to Marseilles with Harrison Ford, playing the decks in a Greek nightclub, and getting thrown into the harbour in St Tropez by the bodyguards of King of Greece.

As I write this, I should be wandering around the souks of Marrakesh but unfortunately the Moroccans would not let me into their country.

The rest of this year sees trips to San Francisco, Las Vegas, Lyon, Paris, Dubai, and Switzerland, these and the previous adventures will appear soon.

But the summer was marred by tragedy, during my trip to Greece in July I failed miserably with an attempt to leap ashore from a boat and the Pink Shoes got wet.

Drying them out in the blistering Greek heat was a big mistake……they shrank and no longer fit my size nine feet.

Luckily for me those nice people from Converse in Amsterdam sent me a brand-new pair, they look a bit bright and new but will soon wear in, the original pink shoes are in the process of being framed and will soon be hanging on my office wall

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