Born to eat, travel and get up to mischief.

I was born to eat, travel, take photographs and generally get up to mischief.

My father was born under the shadow of the Brecon Beacons in South Wales and mother on the shores of the Mediterranean in Algeria when it was part of French North Africa. They met during World War 2 when he was stationed in that part of the world, Cupid did his work and they were married in 1945.

Before her 21st birthday my mother found herself living in Warwick in the heart of the war ravaged midlands, some distance from her beloved mediterranean.

Though she did bring with her cooking skills that had been handed down through the generations together with the tastes and ingredients of North Africa,

Peter Evan Jones , that’s me, turned up in 1947 and that was the start of my adventures of travel and food , but always with a camera in my hand.

Over the years I have been a trainee photographer with a local newspaper, a failed rock star, a porter with the SNCF at the Gare de L’Est in Paris, had a brief fling with the French Foreign Legion, a corporate banker, a Building Society Manager, a financial advisor , a radio presenter and some I better not mention.

I have never been without a camera and as I approach my 75th birthday I still don’t know what do when I grow up .

2019 was a bad year , I lost my mother who lived to be 94 followed a few months later by my wife of 45 years , but hey ho life goes on and drew up a pretty impressive bucket list.

2020 saw me take 31 international flights, visit 13 different countries, have 40 doses of radiotherapy and beat cancer.

So lets stick on the pink shoes and join me on adventures past, present and future.

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