Brilliant BA

I think this is the second time I have apologised for my lack of content in recent months, but the pink shoes have been travelling.

Indeed, over the past two years they have flown over 100,000 miles, spent 205 hours in the air equivalent to 7.7 times around mars.

And that’s just with BA, American Airlines, Southwest, Air Alaska, EasyJet, Swiss Air and a horrendous experience with Jet2 have all helped me on my way.

British Airways are my airline of choice, for several reasons, one Terminal Five is 54-minute drive down the M40 from Home, they fly where I want to go, and they spoil me rotten.

Like most airlines BA have a frequent flyers club, in their case is The Executive Club, every flight you take rewards with you with tier points the more you collect the higher the reward as you progress through Blue, Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. There is a further level, but we will leave that to later.

During and post pandemic BA reduced their qualification levels and the number of trips I took soon got me to the dizzy heights of a Gold Card member.

Amongst the benefits you get are the First Wing check in at Heathrow which leads you straight through a dedicated fast track check in and straight into the First Lounge.

Here you can gaze out across the airfield, plane watching whilst enjoying champagne, fine wines and good food before boarding your flight, but it’s on the aircraft that they make you really special.

Gold Card members are welcomed by name, get that magical 1A seat (if travelling business or first) and generally spoilt rotten by the cabin crew.

However, if in the year following you do not reach the required number of points to keep your status you drop down to that below.

Very clever of BA,some folk, including me  will do whatever trips necessary to keep their existing level, often putting together short multi flight trips known as tier point runs.

Anyway, enough of that, I am going to tell you about some of the places I have been and the mischief I have got up to in a series of posts, starting with A and working through to Z.

Everything from The Alamo to Zampone and much more.

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